Language Training

  • We will train you to achieve excellence

    We will develop the suitable language programme that your company or team requires providing you with the complete solution to your entire spectrum of language needs.

    Our trainers are qualified, experienced, native speakers with a business background, which means that we put both business and language expertise together to offer you a complete linguistic solution.

    We bring the latest technology to our trainings and thanks to our collaboration agreements with the best publishers of language training you will benefit from state-of-the-art learning material and methodology.

    Whatever language you need, we have the right trainer and course for you.

  • Corporate language Solutions

    We have many years experience of organising and running Corporate Language Training Programmes. We will offer you a global solution, taking care of both your linguistic and administrative needs.

    This will include:

    • Level Assessment – identifying your current language skills and level according to CEF standards: online & oral test
    • Needs Analysis and Goal Setting – establishing with you the target level to be achieved depending on the job position.
    • Design and Carry-out of customised Training Solutions including intensive, semi-intensive, 2 day seminar programmes and blended learning solutions to match your staff’s needs.


    • We will maximise your return on investment by:
      • Determining an accurate and realistic budget in accordance with the goals set
      • Encouraging learners to take responsibility for their own learning
      • Reporting regularly on progress made and adapting the courses to changing requirements: mid course report/end course report
    • We will take on all the related administration, registration, billing and budget tracking and deliver statistics.

    Please contact us for more information.

  • Training Solutions

    In House training

    Time is money and you do not want to spend it traveling anywhere that is not necessary, therefore we will send our team of professionals to you so that you can maximise your effort.

    The training will take place where you need a command of a foreign language and that is at your work place.

    We will design the right course for you, whether it is single class, group class, semi-intensive or intensive course, we have the solution that suits you.

    Business Seminars

    You feel comfortable with your command of a foreign language but still need to bring your specific business language skills to the next level in a very short time.
    Here are our 2 day seminar solutions for you:

    • Meetings
    • Presentations
    • Negotiations
    • Business Communication: Telephoning, Email
    • Other solutions available on demand

    Blended Learning: online, Skype

    When it is about maximising flexibility using the latest technology we will have the right solution for you.
    Our E-learning solutions make the training accessible to employees who are based in different locations and can’t attend face-to-face programmes. Via Skype we will offer you the right combination of courses with tutoring to make sure that you follow your course at the times that suit you and at a location that is convenient for you, even when you are travelling, also for groups.

    Please contact us for more information.

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